Mass media celebration of woman scientist credited for black hole image was bogus… even SCIENCE is now pushing a liberal agenda

In its rush to politicize on the basis of gender, the world’s first computer-generated image of a “black hole,” the mainstream media has once again been caught propagating politically-correct “fake news” by falsely attributing the image’s creation to a female whose algorithms weren’t even used to generate said image.

For days, Left Cult writers, pundits, and politicians hailed Katie Bouman as some kind of hero for supposedly single-handedly coding the data that ultimately generated the black hole image – something that Bouman herself initially claimed on her personal Facebook page when she captioned a celebratory photo of herself with the words:

“Watching in disbelief as the first image I ever made of a black hole was in the process of being reconstructed.”

Bouman, the paying-attention world would quickly find out, wasn’t actually being honest in taking full credit for the image’s generation, seeing as how an entire team of coders contributed to the project. Not only that, but Bouman’s coding “contributions” didn’t even make the final cut – meaning she contributed a whole lot of nothing to the final creation.

But none of this stopped the fake news brigade, along with dimwitted politicians like socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), from publishing all sorts of sexist, woman-worshiping nonsense about how Bouman has somehow earned a unique place in the history books as a female contributor to science.

“Take your rightful seat in history, Dr. Bouman!” tweeted AOC, along with an emoji of a telescope. “Congratulations and thank you for your enormous contribution to the advancements of science and mankind. Here’s to #WomenInSTEM!” the live-streaming fanatic added, “STEM” referring to the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, which many Leftist feminists claim isn’t occupied by enough women, LGBTs, and other “special” groups.

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In la-la Leftist land, women somehow deserve credit for accomplishments they didn’t even accomplish

Once real news started to leak about how Bouman had basically taken full credit for an accomplishment to which she hardly contributed, the postdoctoral fellow took to social media once again to correct the record – kind of. Bouman, presumably out of reluctance, highlighted the fact that the spotlight for this accomplishment “should be on the team and no individual person,” adding that “[f]ocusing on one person like this helps no one, including me.”

As it turns out, a male named Andrew Chael actually contributed the bulk of the coding that was ultimately used to generate the black hole image. Chael is said to have written 850,000 of the 900,000 total lines of code that resulted in the black hole image becoming a reality.

“Katie’s algorithm, despite the media’s stance, was not used to produce this image,” tweeted Sara Issaoun, another one of the project’s contributors. “There were three algorithms used and combined to form the final image, and a team of 40 scientists part of that aspect of the project (including myself and more women),” she added.

Issaoun claimed in a separate tweet that the spreading of fake news to the contrary “is not Katie’s fault but due to extremely misleading PR she had no involvement in that was blown out of proportion and harming all involved.”

“… it’s important to set the facts straight and let the collaboration and its people be heard and celebrated for their true accomplishments as part of the many challenging aspects of this project,” Issaoun added, challenging the notion expressed by some that telling the truth about this fiasco somehow represents an “attack” on Bouman.

At the end of the day, Bouman does not deserve any type of special credit – or really any specific recognition, to be quite honest – for the black hole image. And the only reason she even received any at all is because she’s a woman as opposed to a man – the epitome of discriminatory sexism by deranged, man-hating Leftists.

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