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CIA docs reveal the agency attempted to use Remote Viewing (ESP) to scout Mars

Extrasensory perception, or ESP as it is commonly known, is defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica as “perception that occurs independently of the known sensory processes [hearing, seeing, touching, tasting and smelling]. Usually included in this category of phenomena are telepathy, or thought transference between persons; clairvoyance, or supernormal awareness of objects or events not necessarily known to others; and precognition, or knowledge of the future.”

While many would view ESP as being a bit “out there,” most would be intrigued to know that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – at least at one time – seemed to feel that there was some merit to the whole concept.

In January of this year, the CIA released about 13 million documents, detailing both “conventional” spying missions and some that came right out of left field, so to speak. These included both investigations into UFO sightings (X-Files, anyone?) and “missions” involving ESP. (RELATED: Are you as interested in outer space as the CIA? Stay in the loop of all the latest discoveries at

One of the more interesting ones took place in May 1984, when the CIA undertook a sort of reverse fortune telling into the ancient past of the planet Mars by recruiting a clairvoyant in to help in a “remote viewing” exercise.

The clairvoyant was presented with a sealed envelope which contained a 3×5 card that simply stated: “The planet Mars. Time of interest approximately 1 million years B.C.” He was then verbally given a couple of coordinates and told to go for it. Incidentally, he wasn’t allowed to see what was hidden in the envelope until after the experiment was completed.

One can’t be sure if he was fed any other clues, e.g. “We want you to tell us what you can see in outer space, but we won’t tell you any more than that” etc. but if he genuinely wasn’t given any other information, then what he “saw” is really quite interesting. (RELATED: Follow more news of the unexplained at

He described what he referred to as an okra-colored “pyramid or pyramid form.” He also spoke of a dust storm that seemed to stem from a “major geologic problem,” and referenced several gigantic structures, including one that looked like the Washington Monument.

Managing to catch a glimpse inside a Martian structure, he described a utilitarian “hibernation” area that appeared to be more functional than comfortable, as it had no furniture and was strictly for sleeping (hibernating?).

Though there was no mention of color, green or otherwise, the clairvoyant did describe the Martians themselves as “thin and “tall.” He also said that they were very large and that they wore strange clothing (though no details were provided).

The government was clearly really interested in this kind of thing for a good number of years. Similar investigations were undertaken by “Project Stargate,” a Defense Intelligence Agency program that ran for 25 years, and which investigated consciousness, paranormal phenomena, ESP and remote viewing, among other things. (RELATED: If you, too, want to know all there is to know about ESP, check out this search from across the web.)

It’s unclear what conclusions the CIA drew from their ESP clairvoyance experiment. It certainly raises questions about the appropriate use of taxpayer money. And it makes one wonder what else they might be hiding, doesn’t it?


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