Humanity Chip Wants To Send Your Time Capsule Into Space

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 by

Backed by the scientists who are behind Breakthrough Starshot, a new Kickstarter campaign called “Voices of Humanity” wants to use lasers to propel a tiny spacecraft across the universe. But when it leaves earth, the aim is to include YOU as part of a time capsule.

(Article by G. Clay Whittaker)

Voices of Humanity is looking for funding to send hockey puck-sized research vessels into space with sensors attached, but they also want to include information like DNA, names, tweets, thoughts—anything that can be digitized.

The project is clearly going after the “eternal gift” market. Knowing your identity is out there tumbling through space is definitely cooler than a little placard saying you own a star—but let’s see if they get the tech off the ground before we go sending them DNA samples.

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